I’ve started drinking green tea! Here are some of the benefits…

I recently made the decision to take a healthier approach to life, this meant three things: get off my arse, get motivated and get fit! Now I have managed to do this before, but because of an injury I have taken a couple of backward steps, but now since I’m starting to recover I’d like Read more about I’ve started drinking green tea! Here are some of the benefits…[…]

Simplified London Underground map

I found this little gem while browsing Facebook this morning.   I love this picture. It’s perfect for almost any kind of trip into London and caters for the essentials! I especially like the stop for XXL. Unfortunately, I do not have any source for this image. However, I will update this post should I Read more about Simplified London Underground map[…]

Poker night

Right, so tonight is poker night! I have been invited over to my friend Gareth’s for dinner and poker tonight. Brendan will be joining us too. Gareth and Brendan are two of my best friends,  and having known them both just about a year each they are also both two very new friends who I Read more about Poker night[…]

Saturday – 6th October 2012

So Saturday evening just gone a group of us went out for the evening in Reading. It was a slightly different night as our 2 friends, Sarah and Louise, who we know from school were back home for the weekend for various reasons. It was great to catch up with everyone and find out what Read more about Saturday – 6th October 2012[…]