Things that annoy me – Updated

Recently added:

  • Donald Trump
  • “Lit”
  • “Bae”
  • Amateur political experts
  • A sneeze that doesn’t quite happen
  • Brexit remain voters who can’t accept how democracy works – I’m a remainer not a “remoaner”, I have accepted the result and I’m dealing with it
  • Noisy eaters
  • “I, personally”
  • Vaping
  • People protesting because it seems like the fashionable thing rather than the right thing to do
  • Using fog lights when there’s no fog

Ever growing list:

  • People who don’t read your emails
  • Yellow cars
  • Council tax
  • Rain
  • Slow drivers
  • Cold callers
  • Text message language
  • Bridge tolls
  • Cats
  • Dieting
  • Football
  • Screaming kids
  • People who don’t use their indicators when driving
  • Crocs
  • Those long T-shirts
  • iPhones
  • iPhone obsessives
  • Spammers
  • Nuts

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