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Week 5 – Ending 5th February

I have been working on my weight loss now since the beginning of 2017, more specifically the day I started back at work after new year on the 3rd January. Things seem to be going well.

This week has shown me my best progress I have seen for a long time, even though I was completely lost in a cold! I lost 1.5kg this week which is just under 3 lbs.

I have decided to go about the weight loss in a slightly different way than I described in my previous post as I wasn’t really seeing any results. Yes, even though it was only a month! But the way I’m doing it is the way I lost the weight about 4 years ago. It’s all about doing what works for you without being hard on the body.

In my last post I mentioned that I was using the FitBit deficit of 1000 calories from my activities and my intake. This was proving difficult, and even though I could clearly see where they were coming from it just wasn’t working for me both from last month and from the 6 months I tried this method last year.

The way have decided to tackle it is along the same lines as FitBit but on a more relaxed basis. I will be keeping my calorie intake at around 1800 per day, but moving the limit slightly depending on my activity level. So, if I have had a much more strenuous day with regard to activity then I eat more and vice versa. I will continue to do HIIT at the gym and I’ll be monitoring my weekly heart rate zones in order to make sure I am getting fitter.

I am hopeful that this method will prove to work like it did back in 2013 and I can manage to hit my goals. Obviously I will try to keep up to my weekly journal!

Fingers crossed and here goes. Wish me luck!

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