Jumped my first Hurdle – Weight Loss Journal

This week has shown success, I have managed to pass a barrier that I have been struggling with for quite some time. This barrier can also be known as 100kg and I have beaten it! I am now 99kg and feeling great.

There’s still a long way to go, but I feel good that the effort I am putting into it is really starting to pay off. With a total loss of 4kg (8.8lbs) I can now start to focus on my next marker which is 95kg and I’m going to really make a good go of it.

Right now I think I’m back to feeling about 90% better after I was ill last week. The only thing it’s really affected is the gym, I have to admit I haven’t been this week at all. In fact I haven’t even thought about it. But I cannot let this become the norm, I have to get my ass in gear and actually get down there and make myself sweat!

Food wise I have been pretty good. I have been keeping my calorie intake to within 300 calories either side of 1500. Bearing in mind I have not done any substantial exercise this week either so I think I’m doing well.

Date night is tonight though and we are going to a BBQ grill, so I think I’ll just write tonight off haha! Special occasion, you have to live your life too don’t you?!

I will report back next week, fingers crossed I’ll be around 98kg then.

As always I’d love to read your comments.

6 thoughts on “Jumped my first Hurdle – Weight Loss Journal

  • Wow well done. I was wondering, do you struggle with emotional eating. I do. I’m starting a journal challenge to try and work through the emotions. But well done on breaking 100. It’s been a challenge for me. I keep putting on more weight it seems

    • To be honest I never have, I have always been one when I get in a rut to then be able to decide what I want to do to get out of it and then do it. I know it’s probably not the same as in your case and I can appreciate the difficulties you may be going through.

      One thing I have experienced though, be it even through friends of mine is you may find it helpful to find a hobby, a sport even might be good for you in this circumstance and then you can channel your emotions into that while getting active and feeling a sense of achievement at the same time. If not sport then maybe find another hobby that makes you happy and takes up some time (less time for eating!), you never know you could make some valuable friends who may change your life and hence you might not feel the need to emotionally eat.

      I have followed your blog as I’d love to see how you do! Remember every morning is a new day, make it yours and achieve your goals!

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