Quick Post Shortcut for Google+ using Tasker

I have searched everywhere for a homescreen widget that posts direct to Google+ but had no luck. The only option is the standard Google+ widget that comes with the app, but I didn’t want the posts displaying on my homescreen. So I realised I can easily do this with a Tasker shortcut.

You’ll need 3 apps (Tasker, Autoinput and obviously Google+) to carry out 2 tasks.

First task:

  1. Open Tasker > Tap “Tasks”
  2. Tap + and name your task “New G+ Post”
  3. Tap + >  > Location Settings
  4. While in  Location Settings Tap + to the right of where it says If, then type “AON” after the percentage sign > Tap the button to the right of that > select “Doesn’t Equal” > then type “1” in the field to the right of that button.
  5. Go back to the task
  6. Tap + > Plugin > Autoinput > Action > Pen Symbol > Easy Setup > Close. You will now be returned to your home screen. Navigate to settings > Location > Pull down notification shade > tap “Add” > tap on the mode field in Location Settings > Your Notification Shade will automatically drop, tap Accept > Choose Tasker from recent apps> choose “element text: Mode” > choose “Click” > tap the tick mark in the top right > Scroll to the bottom to IF > like before type AON next to % > select Doesn’t Equal > type 1 in the field next to it.
  7. Go back to the task
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