Have you ever thought you’ve done something wrong and you just fill up from the inside with a cold feeling of emptiness. What will happen next? What’s my fate going to be after this mess?

I had to send out the price increase letters. Each customer had to have their own as the price increases were different from customer to customer.

As with any task of this importance you test it first – all came out OK, no problems to report.

I’m given the go ahead to send the emails out. Then, oh my god, what’s going on? The shear shock, the terror, I start to over heat and then go dizzy, I go cold then hot again. Oh no I’ve sent each customer ALL the price increase letters! I’m a dead man.

I’m never never going to get out of this cock up. Beads of swear start to trickle down my forehead.

Then, a wave of coolness comes over me, I’m good! I’M FINE!! life’s back to normal!

I had mistaken one of the test emails for the real thing.

Life was fine and I had panicked over nothing! PHEW.

I had to go and get some air after that.

Silly me! 😅

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